The Weitzner Papers September 01, 2014

Katherine Spencer-Matthews


"Design possibilities are abound when the product itself is a work of art"

Whether it's the bold geometric fretwork of 'Aura' and 'Eden' or the organised chaos of 'Cumulus' the Weitzner papers add a touch of the unique to any room.

Altfield _weitzner _cirrus

From humble beginnings these wallcoverings start life as a variety of natural fibres - salago, mulberry pulp or fig tree bark.

First the fibres are washed and in some cases dyed.

Altield _weitzner _figtreebar

Fibre mixtures are then prepared using a selection of different fibres, dependant on the Weitzner product being created. This mixture is then squeezed and manipulated (by hand) to form the desired pattern.

Altfield _weitzner _eden _making

When the pattern is finished, it is left out in the sun to dry.

Altfield _showroom 2013

A constant feature in our showroom, these versatile products can be used in a number of ways:

Altfield _weitzner _currents
Altifeld _weitzner _eden
Altfield _weitzner _sonnet

As a Wallcovering - over a painted wall or textured paper creating a beautiful contemporary feature; the sheets can be panelled across the full length of a wall or simply float alone to create a piece of art either by attaching directly to the wall or applying to a canvas.

As a room divider - plated between acrylic or glass to fill interior windows or as folding screens.

As a window dressing - an alternative to a sheer curtain, hung in a window for a quirky look.

In any case, from lampshades to table tops, these stunning sheets are a piece of art within themselves

[INSIDER ALERT: The newest member to this collection for Fall 2014 is 'Panorama']

Altfield _weitzner _panorama

To view the complete collection of these distinctive wallcoverings visit our website.