Return to Rustic February 17, 2017


This season's surface trends see a decline in polished finishes and a return to rustic, with cork, timbre and burnished metals taking up residence in interior design.


Cork Board.jpg

Clockwise (Top Left) | Innovations Cubism, Innovations Ombre, Innovations Gilded Cork, Innovations Kaleidoscope, Elizabeth Dow Cork Vintage, Innovations Mayfair, Innovations Pietra & Innovations Marbled Cork


Timbre Board.jpg

Clockwise (Top Left) | Innovations Cambria, Weitzner Deluge, Maya Romanoff Ajiro Fanfare, Innovations Wood Leaf, Weitzner Cumulus, Maya Romanoff Ajiro Plank, Maya Romanoff Ajiro Coffers & Weitzner Savoy

Burnished Metals

Burnished Metals Board.jpg

Clockwise (Top Left) | Weitzner Temperance, Weitzner Equinox, Innovations Breccia, Altfield Luxe Gilded Grid, Maya Romanoff True Metals Basketweave & Altfield Luxe Gilded Segments