Pastel Perfection April 28, 2017

Katherine Spencer-Matthews


Colour and interiors go hand in hand, whether its bright and bold or dark and atmospheric, colour defines the interior space. Once pastel shades were just for nurseries but not anymore, pastels have shifted into our living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms adding statement in their own uniquely subtle way.


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Images via (clockwise from top left) | Eric Dufour Photography, Pastel Aesthetics, Girl a la Mode, Iain Claridge, Poster a day, Katie Rodgers & Party Parade

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Images (left to right) | Moore & Giles Dauphine | Weitzner Adelaide | Moore & Giles Doral


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Images via (clockwise from top left) | We Heart It, Pinterest (source unknown), Koichiro Doi, Maako, Pinterest (source unknown), Starwalt, Architecture Inspiration & Tombland Photography

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 Images (left to right) | Brochier Impuntura | Moore & Giles Mont Blanc | Pollack Etiquette



Images via (clockwise from top left) | Everything In Black, French Connection, Suite One Studio, Rebecca Farms, Paper Blog, Pinterest (source unknown), Henry Domke & LuxMix

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  Images (left to right) | Glant Couture Lumiere N.13 | Innovations Florentine | Pollack Sedan Plush