Brentano Colour Forecast 2018 October 31, 2017


Brentano’s tenth annual colour forecast highlights refined colours from Brentano’s collection, to new, more edgy colour selections that are here to stay. Three new vivacious colours (Red Rocks, Citron
and Periwinkle) add personality and excitement while evolving colours (Midnight, Almost Black and Peacock) highlight timeless glamour.

“Classic colours continue to be popular in the industry but they have begun to evolve in a way that makes them more dynamic and interesting,” says Brentano’s Senior Designer Aaron Mensik. “As a company, we have grown and in doing so our colour palette has become more enriched and diverse.”'


MIDNIGHT | Romantic and elegant, Midnight has continued to be a prevalent colour throughout the years. This exquisite jewel tone accommodates a tailored look making it the optimal choice for opulent


PEACOCK | Celebrating a diversity of colour, Peacock showcases a sensational teal with hints of majestic blue. A staple among Brentano Fabrics, Peacock enhances palettes with its serene nature and dimensional characteristics.


ALMOST BLACK | A new classic, Almost Black offers an alternative to jet black with subtle shades of grey. Assertive without being overbearing, Almost Black provides a foundation for complex colour schemes. Used habitually in the contract world, this hue has also become a force within residential markets.


RED ROCKS | Channeling rust coloured sandstone cliffs, Red Rocks brings a warm western richness to any professional or residential space. Subdued but exotic, Red Rocks showcases spicy orange hues
highlighted by subtle ocean coral bringing a tangible beauty to modern design.


CITRON | A new colour within Brentano’s collection, Citron provides bright and energetic accents to any interior. Charming and fun, Citron is earning new deserved presence in the marketplace with its
unique blend of yellow and green.


PERIWINKLE | Periwinkle is stylish, invigorating, fresh and vibrant. The interplay of light purples and muted blues give Periwinkle a romantic but versatile personality that’s welcoming and cool in everysense of the word.