Brentano Eco-Fabrics


This month we will be taking an in depth look at Brentano and their Eco Fabrics.

Brentano was one of our first fabric lines joining us back in September 2006. Since then the company has grown from strength to strength and celebrated 30 years this year! The Design Studio led by Iris Wang, started with a modest eight patterns in 1990 and has grown into an international source for residential, hospitality and commercial upholstery and drapery fabrics.  The range now includes luxurious faux leathers, sophisticated indoor/outdoor choices, dynamic stain resistant and easy clean finish options. With climate change very much at the forefront of people’s minds, this month we will be focusing at their beautiful collection of eco-friendly textiles...


Brentano have developed a green criteria for their fabrics that reflect the diverse and interconnected nature of sustainability. Their eco-fabrics include high performance and high quality eco-friendly faux leathers, as well as beautiful upholstery patterns and contract textiles - overall displaying an uncommon variety of design and versatility available in environmentally-conscious textiles. The Brentano Green fabric label demonstrates a commitment to pursuing green mindfulness while designing textiles with beauty + performance in mind.

In order to qualify for the Brentano Green label, fabrics must comply with green standards in at least two of the following three categories: raw material, process, and facility and social responsibility.

To satisfy the raw material requirement, the textile must either incorporate recycled materials or degradable fibres. If the raw material is a naturally grown fibre, it must be a rapidly renewable resource and grown without or with minimal harmful pesticides, chemicals, and fertilisers.

The process takes into account the environmental aspects of manufacturing a textile as well as the entire series of actions required to produce it. No part of the process - from dying and spinning the yarn to weaving and finishing the fabric - can involve harmful chemicals. The manufacturing facility must also comply with environmental protection laws governing energy conservation, water treatment, and chemical regulation.

Facility and social responsibility consider working conditions, public health, and implementation of green programs. Manufacturers must comply with fundamental human rights laws and initiate programs to promote the green movement. Such initiatives include utilising energy saving and air quality improvement devices, supporting recycling programs, and encouraging green consciousness among employees.


Brentano offers a variety of fabrics using recycled fibre content, including recycled cotton, nylon, and polyester. Use of recycled fibres reduces waste destined for landfills and also preserves resources such as oil and energy needed to manufacture new materials. Recycled fabrics from Brentano include blends of various recycled fibres as well as several 100% post consumer recycled polyester textiles. One source of post consumer polyester is recycled soda and water bottles that otherwise may have ended up as waste. Our recycled polyester fabric is fully recyclable, and is never intended to reach the landfill.




Polyurethane V Vinyl and Leather

Polyurethane is a greener alternative to PVC (vinyl) and leather. Naturally soft and flexible, polyurethane does not require the solvents used to soften PVC and leather in the manufacturing process. PVC contains chloride, does not degrade, leaches toxic additives in landfills, and emits carcinogenic dioxin when incinerated. Similarly, leather production is a chemical-laden process involving heavy metals, with its waste linked to water pollution. Comparatively, polyurethane is much more environmentally friendly. Brentano's Eco-friendly faux leathers are a part of their Green label, along with recycled polyester, Eco wool, bamboo, and organic cotton textiles. Within the Brentano Green label, their ultra friendly series of polyurethanes and faux leathers uses the fewest solvents and the least energy. Polyurethane-based faux leather is also an animal friendly alternative to natural leather.



staff favourites

1. Victoria, our Showroom Assistant, loves: Solo 02

“Solo creates a clean and minimal pattern, which works well with the colour palette.  I particularly like colourway 02, as it has a beautiful neutral tone - perfect for any room! This fabric is also great for everyday life as it is bleach cleanable, great if like me you have dogs!”

2. Lauren, our Showroom Assistant, loves: Caspian 03

“A beautiful fabric reminiscent of the English coastline. Caspian boasts many eco credentials including a Greenguard gold certification for low chemical emissions and is 100% recyclable. Caspian is composed off 100% solution dyed fibres, meaning that it requires less water and energy than conventional methods of manufacturing”

3. Kyle, our Showroom Front of House, loves: Raku 08

“I love that this fabric is indoor/outdoor and still has a fun playful design. The colour palette is really varied too!!

4. Elissa, our Sales Executive, loves: Fontaine

“High performance and artistic, Fontaine is a favourite of mine. 100,000 rubs, made from recycled fibres and in 12 brilliant colours. Love the story behind its conception”

5. Sabine, our Customer Service Executive, loves: Latitude 02 

“I particularly like this quirky colourway which brightens up any winter garden should it be a bit grey outside. Once the sun is out any patio between Wiltshire and the South of France would look nice with any array of cushions.  It's made in a eco-friendly way and is a 100% recyclable, which is something I wouldn't even need to think about because I would keep these for a long long time.”

6. Abbey, our Sales Executive, loves: Mirage 

“I love the fact that this product is made from recycled sweaters from shops like Uniqlo. Even though it is upcycled it still has a soft touch and elegant look.” 

7. Kate, our Sales Executive, loves: Loch

“It’s a super smart wool blend, and it’s amazing that it’s made from 100% upcycled fibres!”


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