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The Brentano Design Studio, led by Iris Wang, has grown from a modest eight patterns in 1990, into an international source for residential, hospitality and commercial fabrics for both upholstery and drapery. The range has expanded to include luxurious vegan leathers, sophisticated indoor/outdoor choices, dynamic stain resistant and easy clean finish options, as well as a beautiful collection of eco-friendly textiles.



Working from their garage, E-Kwan Chen, CEO and husband to Artistic Director Iris Wang, officially launched Brentano with the nature collection in 1990. Quick to support Iris’ vision, E-Kwan provided constant, unwavering encouragement of Iris’ endeavours, a tribute to a great life partnership. From there, the business has grown, as have their sources for inspiration. Iris regularly looks to the worlds of fashion, architecture, history, and philosophy for new themes and design direction. Today, Brentano’s expansive collection of textiles now has over 250 patterns, all of which embody Brentano’s ethos of beauty and performance.

Brentano has always had a commitment to animal and environmentally friendly products and processes, and their ongoing development of vegan/faux leathers exemplifies their continued focus on sustainable fabrics. Available in many textures and designs, including realistic faux leathers, decorative novelty designs and even indoor/outdoor options, all their vegan/faux leathers offer incredible performance and an extremely natural look, making them suitable for any type of project. Many come with the added benefits of being easy to clean, highly durable, and a soft hand, as well as being a more affordable and greener than natural leathers and vinyl alternatives.



For this brand focus we delve deeper into the newest faux on the market, Silicone. Always actively seeking new environmental-friendly trends within the industry, Design Director Iris Wang was quick to introduce Brentano’s Landscape, to their line in 2018, one of the first silicone coated faux leathers on the market.

In contrast to the alternative faux leathers before it, Landscape is free of polyvinyl chloride, plasticizers, phthalates, stabilizers and heavy metals– all while manufactured in a process that does not release any VOCs , waste water, nor contributes to air pollution.  A forefront in capability, Landscape offers stain resistance and exceptional wearability.  Despite having no chemical FR additives (another environmental perk), this faux leather complies with the majority of US commercial flammability tests including IMO (8.2 & 8.3), please contact your rep for further information on UK fire regulations.

With a smooth matte look and inviting hand, this silicone faux leather fits perfectly alongside it’s renowned polyurethanes counterparts from the Brentano brand.  Landscape is available in 41 fresh colourways, chosen for their range in application to a variety of settings and designs.

The nature of silicone also allows it to be cleaned with a myriad of different cleaning agents without ill effects. Dry solid material should be carefully removed or vacuumed. The non-porous nature of silicone will allow liquids to bead on the surface and blotted for removal. For more stubborn stains, water-based, solvent, and/or bleach solutions may be used according to the product’s specified cleaning codes. After cleaning, best practices recommend removing as much of the cleaning agent as possible with a damp cloth. This will promote longevity and appearance retention of the textile. Avoid use of acetone or harsh acids/bases.


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staff favourites


1. Rodell, our Showroom Manager,  loves: Taurus
“reminds me of amazing old pub leather

2. Katherine, our PR & Marketing Executive, loves: Landscape
“Landscape has a wonderful, pebbled texture and has great sustainability credentials


3. Fionn, our Sales Executive, loves: Victor
I love the simple symmetry of Victor

4. Elissa, our Sales Executive, loves: Taurus
Best of both worlds- this distressed waxy faux really captures and celebrates the natural charm of real leather. A really classic range of useful colours


5. Emma, our PR & Marketing Manager, loves: Perspective
The smart geometric stitching creates a 3-dimensional effect, perspective would make a great design accent on a piece of furniture

6. Kate, our Sales Executive, loves: Corinthian
Super hardwearing with a lovely range of colours, but also great value