New Collections | Autumn/Winter 2022


POLLACK - Art School

Pollack honours its artistic roots with the Autumn 2022 collection, Art School. Focusing on what our Studio does best, this assemblage celebrates pattern, materials, and surface by using the expertise each of our designers contributes as an artist and as a weaver. The process felt as if we went back to art school: exploring mark-marking, colour theory and unexpected techniques with a youthful freedom to experiment. Yet the outcome is nothing less than sophisticated and usable.


Pollack (1)


Marina, Weitzner’s Autumn 2022 Collection, was inspired by the ocean’s depths, flowing rivers, the coasts where water meets land, and even sheltered harbours and their seaside towns. The shimmer of the reflected light on the dry grass of the dunes, the fresh green shoots on the riverbank, the peaceful rhythm of a gentle tide or the great intensity of waves during a storm—Marina captures the textures and colours formed during these moments that moved and intrigued us.


Weitzner (1)


Vida, meaning life, is inspired by the ebbs and flows of our regular routines and the patterns that infiltrate our days. Vida offers an in-depth look into life's stunning palette and sophisticated designs by turning down the noise from our often busy and chaotic schedules. Our lives are inspiring; the moments that fill them create beautifully orchestrated music. Vida pulls these moments, patterns, and movements together to create Brentano’s thoughtfully curated Autumn textile and wallcovering line.


Brentano Vida Collection


Whether a new construction or a new coloration, this luscious collection ties together, through shared and/or complimentary colour, an appealing array of choices from which to create exceptional interiors.


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KINTSUGI (image left) | Inspired by the beauty of Japan, from the dramatic landscape and ancient art of Kintsugi this collection offers an array of texture and visual intrigue.


MARIMEKKO (image right) | This is the sixth edition of the Marimekko and Jannelli&Volpi partnership. The new wallpaper selection features a versatile collage of iconic graphics and new designs by renowned designers such as Maija Isola, Aino-Maija Metsola and Carina Seth Andersson. Marimekko’s permanent mission is to bring colour and joy everywhere into people’s lives and homes.


Jannelli & Volpi Kintsugi
JV Marimekko Vol6 PH 21

Jannelli & Volpi CO.DE. ROOMS by Patricia Urquiola | ROOMS is the capsule collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for CO.DE by Jannelli & Volpi. There are 7 rooms recreated by the designer, in a single original dialogue that can build one never-ending Story. Reflecting on the evolution of living and the relationship that binds us to our homes, the collection – providing four colour variations – is developed in a series of 7 rooms to which two small and medium decorations are added, for one total of 9 themes. Each room is designed to be in harmony with the others. In addition to the commonly used living objects such as windows, curtains and bookcases, the collection includes the decoration of a greenhouse-garden populated with plants. Looking up at the ceiling, the drawing becomes a window on the sky, which each time has a different light depending on the room. All 'Rooms' can be printed on the 15 types of supports that the CO.DE brand offers in its range as well as the measurements personalization to each wall.


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KOHRO - The Rhythm of Light

Perceiving the infinitely minute, movement, and weightless. The new KOHRO fabric collection draws inspiration from signs written by Nature on planet Earth using air, wind, water, and above all the movement of light. Fabrics in this collection have a special sensitivity to shapes and luminosity and show an elegant play of contrasts between full and empty, light and dark. To bring the rhythm of light to your interiors.


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THESIGN - Lotus | St. Barth


Thesign Lotus
Thesign St.Barth