Founded in 1990 by Design Director Iris Wang and her husband, President E-Kwan Chen, Brentano has grown from a modest beginning of eight patterns to an internationally represented textile house. Brentano's fabrics stem from Wang's philosophy of balancing beauty + performance. Their growing collection of eco-fabrics expands this ideology by demanding textiles meet thoroughly researched standards of environmental consciousness while maintaining their beauty. Having celebrated our 20th anniversary in 2010, Brentano continues to offer a variety of innovative and interesting textiles, including eco-friendly faux leather, high performance upholstery, fire-resistant, outdoor and Crypton, Nanotex and GreenShield fabrics.

Brentano fabrics are designed with the philosophy of beauty + performance in mind. A versatile line offering everything from upscale contract textiles to affordable residential fabrics, their textiles are ideal for a range of interior applications, such as panel and upholstery fabric, sheers, and drapery. Because of their attention to colour, Brentano fabrics enhance all kinds of interiors, whether commercial offices, hospitality environments, healthcare projects, or residential settings.

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Brentano Upholstery

- Upholstery -

From exquisite patterns to versatile anchor fabrics, Brentano offers a rich selection of upholstery fabrics. From the start they have focused heavily on gorgeous, luxurious textiles in stunning colours, but always with a mind to performance and durability, providing sophisticated and relevant choices for modern residential, hospitality and commercial interiors.

Brentano Drapery Sheers

- Drapery & Sheers -

Luxurious and functional, Brentano’s modern and elegant drapery selections employ a variety of fibres to create versatile, high performing and handsome window treatments. Staying true to their belief in beauty + performance, Brentano has a wide variety of single and double width designs in a range of colours. Brentano’s drapery products are suitable for many applications including sheers for outdoor use, as well as wool sheers and washable draperies perfect for commercial use.

Brentano Fauxlether

- Faux Leathers -

Brentano has always had a commitment to animal and environmentally friendly products and processes, and their ongoing development of vegan/faux leathers exemplifies their continued focus on sustainable fabrics. Available in many textures and designs, including realistic faux leathers, decorative novelty designs and even indoor/outdoor options, all their vegan/faux leathers offer incredible performance and an extremely natural look, making them suitable for any type of project. Many come with the added benefits of being easy to clean, highly durable, and a soft hand, as well as being a more affordable and greener than natural leathers and vinyl alternatives.

Brentano Outdoor

- Indoor/Outdoor -

Bold, sophisticated and incredibly durable, one of Brentano’s fastest growing categories is their award winning compilation of indoor/outdoor textiles. Brentano are known for offering a large selection of attractive anchor fabrics and patterns as well as more unusual faux-raffia textures that are equally as popular for interiors as they are for outdoor spaces. Their incredible performance makes them excellent choices for a family pool or a high traffic areas.

Brentano Performance

- Performance -

Whether it be a family home or a healthcare facility, the demands of modern living have necessitated the growth in performance fabrics. Fortunately, Brentano’s mantra has always been beauty + performance, and have always concentrated on offering the most advanced stain-resistant finishes and fibres available. Brentano partners with many recognized brands such as Crypton, Nanotex and Greenshield, but has also developed our own in-house Tri-Sistant finish that adds an extra barrier of protection that saves your sofa from that glass of wine! In addition, many of their fabrics are inherently bleach cleanable, giving residential and commercial customers an extra defence against more stubborn stains!

Brentano Eco

- Eco -

Brentano adheres to a strict green criteria when developing many of their fabrics, with a focus on sustainable products and environmentally friendly processes. Their eco-friendly fabrics include our wide variety of vegan/faux leathers including silicone products, as well as stunning upholstery and drapery options. Brentano’s eco-friendly fabrics display an uncommonly broad selection of textiles that prove focusing on sustainable products doesn’t have to result in any level of compromise as regards style, hand or performance.

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A new venture for Brentano - bringing thoughtful design with their first introduction into the world of wallcoverings; featuring stunning and multi-faceted designs, pulling inspiration from well-loves textile patterns.

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