Extraordinary Surfacing Materials

Maya Romanoff is the largest manufacturer of handcrafted wallcoverings in the United States. For over 50 years, our artisans have methodically incorporated such materials as glass beads, gold leaf, seashells, and wood with pigments, dye and more to create extraordinary surfacing materials, right in our Chicago Studio.

Whether these materials are produced locally in our studio, or abroad in one of our many partnering factories, handmade or by machine, each and every product is put through Maya Romanoff’s rigorous standard for quality, beauty and innovation, with a guiding mantra, “Make every wall beautiful”.


Maya Romanoff Weatheredwalls


One of Maya Romanoff’s first and most beloved designs, Weathered Walls hand‑painted paper uses rich dyes to create deep striations of colour, resembling fine lacquered leather. Always contemporary, always classic. Hand‑crafted in the Maya Romanoff Chicago studio.

Maya Beadazzled


Beadazzled Flexible Glass Bead Wallcovering blazed a trail in the world of wallcovering design as the first of its kind. Hand‑crafted in the Maya Romanoff Chicago studio with genuine glass beads, close attention to detail ensures that each panel reflects light beautifully.

Maya Ajiro Chevron


Ajiro Chevron is a contemporary, hand‑inlaid wood veneer with a seamless side match. Micro‑thin wood on paper backing, Ajiro is flexible enough to wrap columns and even turn corners. A beautiful, cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional wood panelling. Finished in the Maya Romanoff Chicago studio.

Maya Moderne Screen Print


Maya Romanoff has taken the art of screen printing to a new level, pushing the boundaries of this traditional technique to create unbelievable depth, texture and scale—with raised ink on sustainable nonwoven. Produced entirely in the Maya Romanoff Chicago Studio, Serigraph Moderne™ is a contemporary genre of classic Art Deco architecture.

Maya Craze Type II Vinyl


Craze; Designed by architect Andre Kikoski for Maya Romanoff, the textural beauty and lustre of scored linen fabric has been convincingly captured on a durable Type II vinyl substrate.  Available in 11 usable colourways.  This collection is environmentally conscious and manufactured in the USA.

Maya Porto Natural


Designed by David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff, Porto Deco™ is sustainably harvested, coloured cork that is hand-inlaid on a luminous metallic foil. Inspired by the theatrical draping of fabric, Porto Deco™ is available in 9 rich colourways.

Maya Islandweaves


In Maya Romanoff’s Island Weaves collection, natural woven materials create an approachable, relaxed, and tranquil sense of space. The feeling of gentle breezes, the sound of water, and the colours of the sky all coalesce around fibres of different shades and textures.

Maya Motherofpearl


Genuine hand‑inlaid Capiz shell tiles. Mother of Pearl’s stain‑resistant finish is durable, cleanable and flexible. When pasted, tiles have the capability to turn corners and wrap columns. Hand‑finished in the Maya Romanoff Chicago studio.


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