An Italian editor and manufacturer of double-width fabrics for interior decoration, KOHRO fuses nature, art, design, craftsmanship, technology and top-quality service. Deeply rooted in a historically renowned industrial textile district, KOHRO makes the most of its Italian cultural heritage. Control over a top-class textile filigree gives additional competitive advantage.

Precious fabrics in solid colour, prints and jacquard, are all available in double width in an extensive choice of weights, textures, fibres and patterns.

KOHRO fabrics use only the finest natural raw materials: European linen, silk, Egyptian cotton and cashmere that are handpicked at the source and worked carefully under a strict quality control system throughout the entire production process. This is how the best natural fibres and the most innovative blends are transformed into unique and fine fabrics.


Grand Designs | Grey Gardens Collection

Wool & Cashmere Collection


Cushion - Arequipa | Trim - Hierro Mod

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