To prevent a buildup of dust & dirt and to prolong the life your fabric, regular cleaning of upholstery and curtains is recommended. In addition, a regular rotation of cushions (where applicable) will even out the wear and help extend the life of your product. Please take care and make sure the product has been installed correctly before attempting any maintenance.

We recommend weekly gentle vacuuming using a soft bristle attachment to avoid damaging materials.

Wipe down your upholstery fabric with a clean, dry cloth to remove any surface dust or dirt.

For pile fabrics such as velvet and mohair, a non-metallic bristle brush can be used periodically to restore their appearance and keep the pile from being flattened.

Keep out of direct sunlight where possible to avoid accelerated fading and discolouration.

Always check product upon arrival, Altfield cannot be held liable for any damage incurred during transport or storage prior to installation. For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.


See website for individual cleaning codes.
W: clean using a water-based solution only (such as mild soap, washing-up liquid, carpet cleaner or specialist upholstery shampoo).
S: clean using only water-free solvents (for instance, rubbing alcohol, clear alcohols, and dry-cleaning solvents).
P: can be dry cleaned.
S-W: this means you can use both dry solvents and wet cleaning products (such as upholstery shampoo, gentle detergents, or mild dry-cleaning solvents.
X: DO NOT clean with water or solvent based solutions. Vacuuming or light brushing only.
B: can be cleaned with bleach; see relevant specification sheet for recommended dilutions.


When cleaning marks and stains, first clean a sample or inconspicuous piece of material to ensure no adverse effects occur to the colouration or finish of your product.

For spills, immediately blot with a clean dry cloth or kitchen towel to prevent staining.  Do not rub as this can push the stain further into the product.

To clean a stain, use a soft, damp cloth to gently clean the surface of your furniture, taking care not to use too much force or to over-wet the fabric. Blot away excess water with an uncoloured soft, absorbent or microfibre cloth.

For more stubborn stains, a solution of mild soap and warm water or an appropriate upholstery cleaning solution can be used.

In some cases, professional dry cleaning may be required.

Points to remember when cleaning your fabric:

- Do not press or rub too fiercely as this can spread the stain and potentially damage the structure of the fabric. Gentle blotting is recommended.
- Use an uncoloured, soft non-abrasive cloth to prevent leaving marks.
- Avoid all solvent/alcohol based cleaners.
- After cleaning make sure to remove any residue with fresh water and blot with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess moisture.  Add full stop
- Blot away excess water with a soft, absorbent or microfibre cloth.
- Do not saturate the fabric with liquid during cleaning, as this will cause permanent damage.

After cleaning, pile fabrics (such as velvets and mohair) may need to be brushed with a non-metallic bristle brush to restore their appearance.


Dry cleaning is recommended for most fabrics where specified and should be done at regular intervals by a specialist home furnishing dry cleaner.


Always test in inconspicuous area or offcut before proceeding. Care should be taken to use the appropriate temperature settings for each fibre when steaming or ironing.

Pile fabrics and specialty constructions should be ironed on the reverse, do not iron the face as this will crush and mark the fibres.  A hand held steamer is also recommended (making sure to hold about an inch away from the fabric).


Do not use Bleach unless specified as this will discolour your fabric and potentially affect the structure of the product.

Selected fabrics can be disinfected; always check the cleaning code before using bleach.

Bleach cleanable fabrics can be cleaned with a solution of water and bleach; see relevant specification sheet for recommended dilutions.

Remove all cleaning agents thoroughly with a soft cloth and clean water. Residue left by cleaning agents will degrade and shorten the lifespan and/or affect the product's appearance if not removed.

These notes are for guidance only, Altfield can not be held responsible for any damage caused to the product during the cleaning process.

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